The Definition and Benefits of Arbitrage Betting

Before betting services went online, individuals could never place two bets on their own. If a person wanted to place a bet on two different horses, for instance, he or she would have to place a bet with one bookie and enlist another person to place another bet with another one bookie. With the advent of the Internet and online betting service, arbitrage betting saves people from this hassle.

The Process

Arbitrage betting basically means that a person is able to place multiple bets online simultaneously, to increase their chances of making money. In other words, they can work with more than one bookie at the same time. This allows them to place different bets if alternate betting services offer slightly variant information about the odds of a game.

The Purpose

The goal of arbitrage betting is to guarantee a profit. This is not always possible, as nothing is guaranteed in the world of betting. The process does, however, greatly increase the chances that a person will make money from a particular game or event, since he or she simply has more information at his fingertips, and can place bets in accordance with the different odds.

The one drawback of arbitrage betting is that the payout if fairly small. Since bookies know players will be using these tactics, the winning percentages are reduced. Still, because it almost guarantees a win, arbitrage is still worth the small effort required, and can help you build up the funds you need to place a large single bet in the future if need be.

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